Finishing up equilibrium spectra

  • Tests have been added for the implementation of the Kurucz database and associated parts of the code
  • Examples have been added relating to the Lorentzian broadening of atomic lines and partition functions.
  • The function to parse Kurucz linelists has been re-written based on Pandas.
  • The precision of some parts of the code has been improved by using numpy.expm1 rather than numpy.exp, thereby showing weaker spectra that otherwise weren’t being seen
  • Support has been added for loading existing databanks of atomic species without specifying the species initially.
  • A greater range of formats are now accepted as input to specify the species for which to calculate a spectrum.
  • Documentation for atomic spectra and the Kurucz database has been updated further
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Partition functions

Support has been added for the species-specific partition functions that are usually included along with the new linelists. In doing so, a new config parameter was added to allow the user to enable RADIS to automatically modify the local database files and update the config file accordingly.

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The start

The first aim for this project is to add support for the atomic Kurucz database to RADIS. A PR containing previous work done on this provides a starting point. Much use had been made of code from the ExoJax project, which had already implemented support for the Kurucz database and with which RADIS is pursuing a common API.

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